James Mottershead is a recording & mix Engineer based in the UK. While studying for a BSc in Music Technology and Audio Systems James landed his first studio job as a runner and worked tirelessly in the studio learning his craft. Upon finishing his studies James joined The Chairworks (then under Miloco management) and really cut his teeth with producers such as; Ken Thomas, Simon Humphrey, John Williams and Owen Morris in which time James became the Chairwork’s Chief Engineer. Although still available to Engineer or Produce at The Chairworks James’ career has taken him towards a freelance role. James has enjoyed seeing several albums he has worked on, both engineering and mixing, make it into the top twenty and having single playlist on both Radio One (Introducing, In New Music We Trust) and Radio Two (A list). James has a fantastic wealth of recording knowledge built up from working in top studios across the UK, Europe and the USA.

Selected Credits

P = Produced | E = Engineered | M = Mixed | ME = Mix Engineer | MA = Mix Assistant

A = Album | A+S = Album + Singles | EP = EP | S = Single

Artist Project Role
Marmozets Weird and Wonderful – A+S E
Pretty Vicious Are You Ready For Me – S E
Sundara Karma Indigo Puff/ Hussel – S E
Sundara Karma EPII – EP E
Sundara Karma A Young Understanding – A+S E
Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott What Have We Become – A E M
Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott Wisdom, Laughter and Lines – A+S E M
British Sea Power Machineries of Joy – A+S ME
British Sea Power Valhalla Dancehall – A ME
Yann Tiersenn Skyline – A+S ME
S.C.U.M. Again Into Eyes – A+S ME
Man Without Country Foe – A ME
Ginger Wildheart 555% – A E
Fizzy Blood I’m No Good – S E M P
Fizzy Blood Sweet and Sulphur – S E M P
Lets Away Golden Morning – S E M P
Lets Away Tour Of The Stars – S E M P
The Lake Poets April – S E M P
Susheela Raman Vel – A ME